8 Clever Ways to Hang Plants

8 Clever Ways to Hang Plants

Are you in need of a space that is both relaxing and aesthetically pleasing? Are you in need of decorating ideas for your home? Or Do you want to plant trees but do not know how to design them properly? Come to our 8 Clever Ways to Hang Plants here, we will help you have more unique and interesting creativity in how to grow plants. Get started now!

The house after being built will need a lot of investment in the interior, and even the house that has been used for a long time, you also need to refurbish it a bit to have a novelty. Living space is increasingly focused because it creates inspiration for lifestyle as well as work. A green, airy space will help us to enjoy life more comfortably.

1. Use wooden hanging shelves

Wooden hanging shelves are not too strange to planters, this is the easiest and most popular method for hanging bonsai pots. With wooden hanging shelves, you can freely change into many different favorite designs. You can hammer wooden slats into the wall in a mesh pattern and hang pots at each of those knots, or create a small wooden window frame and make a stand to place the pots on. Or simply, you just need to take advantage of any wooden bar in your warehouse to create the way you want.

2. Use iron hanging shelves

Iron shelves are also a fairly popular design that many people choose, you can also make them yourself or buy them ready-made. However, we encourage you to buy them rather than make your own because bending and shaping the iron bars so that they are suitable for hanging or potted plants also requires meticulousness and perseverance from you. Moreover, you do need a few extra tools when creating it, so the variety of designs on the market will appeal to you more. An interesting idea in clever ways to hang plants is that you can paint each iron frame or decorate it with textures so that the colors match the color of your walls.

3. Tie the pot

One of the clever ways to hang plants is to tie a string to hang the potted plants. This method brings great aesthetics to your home, it also creates a pleasant and classic feeling. Tying the pot is a pretty creative way to do it and requires ingenuity and meticulousness from you. To spruce up your indoor space, you can use a few rolls of paracord, rope, or wool yarn to knit into a basket to hang potted plants on the wall. If you don’t want to create them, then look for them on popular sales websites today, there are many different patterns and materials for you to choose from.

Tie the pot
Tie the pot

4. Plant a tree in a wall photo frame

People are getting more and more creative and growing plants in picture frames is a unique idea and one of the clever ways to hang plants for your space. The trees have small and lovely shapes that are attached to the photo frame to create a 3D feeling for the viewer who will create a feeling of excitement and want to see them. The wall-mounted bonsai picture frames are a very nice highlight in the house because they both show the greenness and blend in with nature and enhance the unique beauty of planted plants such as succulents and ornamental plants.

5. Use tiered planters

A hanging multi-tier planter is a great way to add a variety of plants to a space when you don’t have a lot of surface area. Use the same plant for a uniform look, or combine several different varieties for a more varied, interesting look. In the list of clever ways to hang plants, this is a great idea to make it more convenient for you to water your plants because the water will flow from the top to the bottom plants without stagnation or flowing to the floor. You can hang it outside the door or the edge of the wall to make your home space more fresh.

6. Use unique materials to make pots

Talking about clever ways to hang plants, this will probably be what you are interested in because using unique materials is nothing else but recycled items right in your home. After using a water bottle, milk carton, can of paste, or detergent dispenser, you shouldn’t throw them away immediately, but keep them for your creativity. You can color and cut them to create a cartoon character or a product with your own personality. And one thing that can grow plants that you don’t think about is your old shoes, take them out and put on your favorite climbing plant!

Use unique materials to make pots
Use unique materials to make pots

7. Wall mounted aquatic plants

Aquatic plants are often grown in glass pots to easily observe its roots. Its feature is already underwater, so you don’t need to worry about watering as often as other soil-grown plants. If possible, research some aquarium fish that can adapt to your plants and put them in these pots. This is also one of the clever ways to hang plants to make your walls come alive and alive. Mounting or sticking these pots on the wall will be a unique idea that you can do, but this way needs to be careful and sure otherwise it will be very dangerous.

8. Wrap the vines around the hanging frame

Another clever way to hang plants is that you can grow a vines and wrap it around wooden slats on your bed, dining table or porch. If you want to make it more unique, you can use a ladder to hang it horizontally and then wrap the vines alternately so that you find harmony and comfort. Note that you should carefully wrap the tree, this tree will be more durable than other trees, but it does not mean that it will not break.

You can refer to Etsy, a website that sells potted plants and beautiful tree decoration ideas that are popular with many people.


Above are the 8 Clever Ways to Hang Plants that we have provided, in addition, you can create more according to your preferences. We hope this article will help spark your creativity and help you make a faster choice for your space. Wish you will have a great decoration idea suitable and have a lot of positive energy from planting trees.

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